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California State University of Bakersfield

❝I had an excellent experience hiring TieBreak as all my expectations were met.
Throughout the entire process, Mark proved to be a competent professional, who knows what he is doing. He was always available to assist and guide us, to clarify our doubts, and to give us updates on the progress of the process. He is a reliable and honest person, who does not promise what is not within his reach to fulfill, with a very realistic approach. He has always made us feel comfortable, showed sensitivity to understand the moment that we (the family) were experiencing, and transmitted confidence, supporting us in all phases of the process.
As a father, I thank Mark / Tiebreak very much for the opportunity we got for my daughter.
Henrique Adamczyk (Isabela Sandrini Adamczyk’s father - California State University of Bakersfield)❞

University of San Francisco

❝When Bruna decided to look for opportunities in other countries, some friends referred Mark, from Tiebreak to me, for knowing their reputation.
It was the best choice we could possibly have made as Mark was tireless in his search for a scholarship that would meet our expectations.
We were treated with the expected respect and cordiality in a professional relationship. However, we also received attention and affection that made us feel special.
Bruna was very well monitored throughout the whole process and receives attention from Mark until nowadays because he is always being present, supportive, and helpful.
I have already recommended Tiebreak to several athletes and I will continue to do so, as I believe in the work they do.
Carla Alves (Bruna Alves’ mother - University of San Francisco).❞

University of South Florida

❝Thanks to TieBreak and their endless support, I’m able to experience the life of a student-athlete in the USA. Mark always made himself available anytime for any question I had and always provided me with proper information to help me find the right fit. Even after the season started, he still constantly keeps in contact to make sure things are going well. He cares about every athlete and their needs, and he is always there to make our experience better.
I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity this agency has provided me with. Maria Idjilova – student athlete da University of South Florida.❞

University of Hawaii

❝At that point, Tiebreak and Mark entered our lives. He had a precise approach and answered all our questions about study systems for different countries, tests, costs, scholarships and etc. This allowed our family to do all the necessary considerations with a reduced risk dose. Meanwhile, Guilherme had already been in the Brazilian National Team for some years, bringing game experience and important victories in the South American Championships and other games around the world for Brazil.
Tiebreak prepared a promotional video material that was presented to coaches of leading universities, which allowed us to initiate conversations with them and brought scholarship proposals. All of this enabled us to make a decision according to the athlete's preference. In parallel, language training and tests were carried out so that we could get invitations from universities. We opted for the University of Hawaii, which presents an engineering course and a prominent position in the NCAA volleyball ranking. Mark coordinated and checked on us throughout the entire process, which helped us to get to the final option, the chosen University. Nowadays Guilherme is playing as a starting middle blocker for the University of Hawaii, and he is very happy with the decision. He is currently living in Honolulu and is studying for the second semester of the Engineering course. Tiebreak has kept in contact with us and with him, even after the final process. We are grateful for his professional and caring approach.
Luiz Guilherme Santos (Guilherme Voss’ father - University of Hawaii).❞

Arizona State University

❝With the arrival of Tiebreak / Mark, a door had opened up. We were not sure if that was what we wanted for our daughter, but we made the decision to go ahead, believing in a bright future for Roberta.
Mark, as the owner of Tiebreak, proved to be a person with knowledge about the sports market and with excellent personal and professional conduct.
I can clearly see that some factors are decisive for a volleyball athlete to reach an American university:
Sport competence, well spoken and written English, unrestricted psychological and financial support, as well as excellent sports one-to-one advisory.
Jorge Antônio Machado Rabelo (Roberta Rabelo’s father - Arizona State University).❞

University of British Columbia

❝After several attempts to reconcile volleyball with studies, I managed to start my Civil Engineering course in the U.S.A in 2018 thanks to Tiebreak; They made it possible for me to move to Canada one year ago, where I intend to graduate. When I met the founder of the agency, Mark Plotyczer, I didn't know that there was still the possibility of doing this sport exchanging program, due to the rules required by the process. That's when Mark presented to me all the options that I could have and demystified some ideas about the process.
Congratulations on the excellent work Tiebreak and thanks for all the support!
Hellen Lacava - University of British Columbia.❞

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